ThoughtSpark’s Enabler Ideology

06 Jun 2024

Syndigo is a market-leading PIM-MDM solution. With its Partner First strategy driving ecosystem growth, more and more System Integrators (SIs) are looking to collaborate with Syndigo. With digital transformation sweeping across industries, businesses are embracing data management tools like PIM-MDM (Product Information Management- Master Data Management), recognizing the importance of centralizing and managing product information efficiently. With Syndigo’s strategic approach and the growing demand for customized implementation experiences, the role that partners play in driving growth and value creation in the Syndigo ecosystem is more crucial than ever.

ThoughtSpark has closely witnessed the growth and evolution of System Integrators in the ecosystem. Our deep association with the product from its inception has provided us with a profound understanding and expertise in the platform gained through active participation throughout its journey. Having transitioned into Enablers from being System Integrator ourselves has equipped us with a deep understanding and a unique perspective into the aspirations and the challenges associated with being a System Integrator. Thus, the blend of our relationship with the product and our experience as System Integrators offers us a unique perspective on the ecosystem, positioning us uniquely as enablers.

Given the evolving ecosystem, Partners also face certain challenges. While it is no surprise that independent partners drive business growth faster, because they are able to implement more confidently and effectively. This also allows them to adjust strategies and make agile decisions, driving them to deliver high-quality outcomes that align closely with the customer's expectations. However, to maintain this level of effectiveness, partners need ongoing enablement and support beyond the initial onboarding phase. Continuous support is essential to ensure that they have the skills, resources and knowledge necessary to navigate complex implementation projects and client needs seamlessly.

It is important for partners to be able to execute successfully, scale on demand, and maintain profitability. Since it's not feasible to have infinite resources, ready to cater to projects as they come. An extensible workbench is crucial because it provides the partners with the flexibility to scale their operations and allocate resources efficiently based on project demands. Aligning with product philosophy and best practices is also integral to successful implementation projects. This alignment enables partners to tailor their strategies according to the unique features and capabilities of the product, strengthening the partner-client relationship in the process. Addressing these challenges and requirements empowers partners to work independently and drive success in implementation projects, eventually.

That's where ThoughtSpark steps in as a strategic enablement partner, bridging the gap and equipping the existing and the upcoming Syndigo System Integrators with the expertise, support and tools required to thrive. We aim to empower our Partners to sell more effectively, execute better and scale faster, eventually contributing to market creation and expansion for Syndigo. At ThoughtSpark, we are focused on driving growth and creating value for all the stakeholders in the ecosystem.

ThoughtSpark is uniquely positioned to be your go-to enablement partner because we bring a comprehensive understanding as both Product experts and former System Integrators, with a deep insight into the challenges faced by our Partners. Driven by an intent and willingness to help, we have consciously chosen to be an Enabler rather than a System Integrator moving forward. Our goal is to complement our Partner's efforts by offering specialized support and resources.

We place a strong emphasis on expanding our Syndigo expertise and continuous learning at ThoughtSpark. With a team of 80+ Syndigo experts, we possess the scale and capability to make a significant impact and drive growth for our Partners. Our dedicated Product-Training programs and internal initiatives like our Enabler Council, SA Factory (Solution Architect), and IL Factory (Implementation Lead) serve as forums where our team members come together to train, discuss, learn, and grow collectively. These efforts ensure that we stay ahead of industry trends and continue to remain a strong pillar of support and expertise for our Partners.

ThoughtSpark’s vision is to empower Partners to thrive while fostering the growth of the ecosystem itself. We make sure to equip our Partners with the latest knowledge and capabilities through our focus on skill development and constant team upgradation. Our scalable approach allows Partners to expand their operations seamlessly and overcome any limitations. Drawing from our extensive experience, we offer strategic guidance along with technical know-how to navigate any implementation or product-related challenges effectively. Through fostering a collaborative environment, we aim to enable every participant to thrive, grow, and contribute to the collective success of the Syndigo ecosystem.