ThoughtSpark and DataIO unite to pave the way for a Data Revolution

05 Dec 2023

Houston - December 04, 2023

In a pivotal move, ThoughtSpark and DataIO, have joined forces, emerging as ThoughtSpark.

This transformative collaboration is set to redefine the business landscape through the exploration of limitless data possibilities. Rooted in their shared drive for excellence, dedication, and a passion for Data, this marks the dawn of a new era empowering businesses to harness the full potential of data-driven solutions.

Founded on ThoughtSpark's steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional services and fostering groundbreaking data innovation, the inclusion of DataIO is a strategic move to elevate collective capabilities. DataIO was a leading force in Syndigo's Master Data Management and Product Information Management platform, offering unparalleled implementation and consulting services. With its successfully built army of skilled Syndigo experts, it was a key partner specialized in implementing the Syndigo MDM platform, setting industry standards for excellence.

ThoughtSpark and DataIO, both renowned for their excellence and expertise, are poised to combine their strengths and resources, offering a comprehensive suite of services. Ushering businesses into a Data revolution, they bring strategic insights and tailored data solutions to the forefront.

Upen Varanasi, Chairman of ThoughtSpark, stated, "At ThoughtSpark, we want to facilitate growth and progress across industries, by empowering companies to harness the power of Data."

"This merger signifies a pivotal moment in our journey, we look forward to the adventure that awaits us.", said Amit Rai, President, ThoughtSpark.

Samarth Mehta expressed his excitement, saying, "At ThoughtSpark, we want to help companies realize the full potential of their Data through better Data Management," General Manager at ThoughtSpark and former Founder & CEO at DataIO.

About ThoughtSpark:

ThoughtSpark, now a powerful union of DataIO and ThoughtSpark, is an Enterprise Data Management Consultancy that transcends the conventional boundaries of being just another data company. It also stands as the pioneering Enabler in the Syndigo ecosystem, passionately driving the empowerment of Syndigo's System Integrators (SIs) globally. Simultaneously, it is taking its commitment to data to new heights, leading the way forward in Enterprise Data Management Consultancy with cutting-edge technologies and tailor-made solutions for a multitude of industries.

Media Contact:

Amit Rai, ThoughtSpark,
1 (832) 907 2475