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ThoughtSpark revolutionizes the data landscape, going beyond traditional limits. Enter a new era of data excellence with our innovative solutions.

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Making your Data work for you. 

ThoughtSpark is your modern age Data company founded on principles that transcend time. This fusion of the old and the new has helped it stay at the forefront of innovation and the evolution of the world of Data. As your co-pilot on the data-driven transformation journey, we are committed to redefine the landscape of Data and AI by implementing best-in-class data products and decision intelligence. In a world characterized by constant change, we believe that those with a strong data and AI footing are better positioned to reinvent, compete, and achieve unprecedented levels of excellence. ThoughtSpark accelerates the path toward heightened business value, ensuring that your organization thrives in the era of data-driven excellence. 

Making your Data work for you. 

Data Work

All things Data

Data. In a world that now lives over the internet, breathes through digital devices and thrives on online interaction, Data is the thread that weaves virtual reality together. Data, is no longer just a piece of information, it is the lifeblood for organizations across the globe. It enables companies to understand, connect and innovate in ways previously unimaginable. Most companies fail to fully harness the potential of data available to them, despite its abundance. Because the challenge does not lie in the scarcity of data but in the ability to effectively interpret, analyze and leverage the available data to drive strategic decision making and business growth.

Before embarking on your data journey, it is important to answer some fundamental questions. What is your Data? What data is available to you? Where does it originate? Who has access to it? What are you currently doing with it, and what should you be doing? These are the questions that lay the groundwork for a transformational Data journey, providing it with the much-needed direction.

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The journey from data being a worrier to data being a warrior represents a transformational shift in how organizations utilize their data. Initially, Data can feel burdensome, a source of concern as you struggle to effectively manage, interpret, and leverage your data assets. However, strategic initiatives and investments in Data strategy, you can empower your data to become a warrior, a powerful ally in driving business success and innovation for you.

Redefining the Data Landscape

Empowering your Data, to empower You.

Data to empower

A spectrum of cutting-edge solutions designed to elevate your organization in the realm of Data and AI. ThoughtSpark's suite of services is designed to redefine the way organizations navigate the data landscape. We navigate unchartered territory, shaping a narrative where your enterprise does not just participate but leads. Explore our services and reimagine possibilities of growth and success with ThoughtSpark. 

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Data to empower
Data and AI Strategy

Data and AI

With data as the cornerstone and AI as the guiding force, we aim to empower brands with cutting-edge insights and transformative solutions. Together, data and AI form a dynamic duo, and at ThoughtSpark, we stand ready to unlock their combined potential and guide you towards unprecedented Data excellence. 

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ThoughtSpark's Data Engineering offering is a tailored solution designed to help you get a complete 360-degree view of your data, unifying all the data streams and processes in the organization. Our solution empowers you to navigate the complexities of modern data integration with ease, ensuring optimal accessibility, efficiency, and scalability.

Data Governance and Stewardship

Data Governance and Stewardship

ThoughtSpark's Data Governance and stewardship offerings provide a holistic approach to managing and maximizing the value of your data assets. We also provide consulting services and resources designed to enhance the capabilities of organizations in delivering top-notch data management solutions to their clients.

Innovation Labs

Innovation Labs  

ThoughtSpark's Innovation Labs let you discover the power of seamless AI innovation. We assist you in identifying the most effective and cutting-edge AI solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Our aim is to make AI adoption a seamless experience for you, ensuring that the power of artificial intelligence enhances and accelerates your business processes effortlessly.

Navigating Data Excellence as One

Explore the power of strategic alliances with ThoughtSpark, as we drive collective progress and innovation in the world of data. Every Partnership is a joint pursuit of excellence, innovation, and growth through the transformative power of data. At ThoughtSpark, we transcend technical boundaries, emphasizing the importance of shared values and enabling mutual growth.

Why Us

Unlocking excellence with ThoughtSpark:  

Why Us

Data is not just what we do, it’s who we are. We have been Data people for as long as we can remember. It has been a decade of studying, working and practising all things Data. Join us on our journey, experience the ThoughtSpark difference – where our commitment, understanding, and a decade of hands-on experience come together to light your way to extraordinary success with data.

Why Us
Unwavering Data Commitment

Unwavering Data Commitment

At ThoughtSpark, we are inherently Data-oriented. Our unwavering commitment to making your data better is at the core of everything we do. We're not just data enthusiasts; we are, and will always be, "Data People" at heart.

Mastery in Data Insights

Mastery in Data Insights

Understanding Data is not just a skill, it's second nature to us. ThoughtSpark is not just about numbers; it's about understanding the heartbeat of your business through the lens of data, and eventually making your data work for you.

Legacy of Data Expertise

Legacy of Data Expertise

Over the past decade, we have honed our skills, navigated the complexities, and evolved with the ever-changing data ecosystem. Choosing ThoughtSpark means selecting a partner with a proven track record, ensuring your journey is backed by a decade of excellence in data management.


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Data Experts


Years of Combined Data Experience  

Pramit Rajkrishna

ThoughtSpark brings a stellar record as an enablement partner with a large pool of globally located experienced platform consultants to drive value.
Their initiative represents forward thinking in fostering stronger partnerships among the SIs and the Syndigo team.

Pramit Rajkrishna,

Director of Solution Consulting, Sitation

Dominic Citino

ThoughtSpark is a key component of our Partner-First strategy, with many of our key partners relying on ThoughtSpark for Syndigo expertise.
We have witnessed firsthand how ThoughtSpark has significantly contributed to the success of both our partners and customers.

Dominic Citino

SVP, Alliances, Syndigo

Jonathan Currie

ThoughtSpark has helped us grow our Syndigo practice through a collaborative model, providing additional resources to help support our team that’s growing.
They have been a great partner to us and we look forward to growing our business with them. 

Jonathan Currie

MDM Practice Director- Syndigo, Pivotree

Temel Kahyaoglu

ThoughtSpark is a game-changer in the industry, connecting market players for unparalleled collaboration. I’ve seen it revolutionize knowledge sharing, empowering Syndigo and its partners to unlock new levels of innovation and project success. 

Temel Kahyaoglu,

Founder & CEO at TGOA | The Group of Analysts